By Mary

Frankie helped me with my clarinet tone within the first 15 minutes of the first lesson, and gave me many more helpful playing tips throughout the hour. He was really interested in what my goals were. Looking forward to many more lessons with Frankie.

By Carol

It’s so rewarding to meet a teacher on the same page with me. Very personable, knowledgable and sets direction/goals clearly.

By Stephen

Frankie tailors each lesson to my needs and interests while helping me understand how to play better. Sometimes, we focus on music theory, other times we focus on reading music or playing technique. I have enjoyed each lesson over the past eight years, as he has encouraged me to grow and develop my knowledge and skill. He’s an excellent music instructor who enjoys sharing his experience, encourages my development, and has fun with each session!

By Andrew

Frankie has been my piano instructor for several years now. He’s always on-time, communicates well, and treats my house with respect (my instructions are at home). He’s let me learn at my own pace while challenging me to do things the “correct way.” And he doesn’t mind the occasional side-discussion on music theory or history.

By Justin

I have been learning music from Frankie for a couple years now. He has always been extremely knowledgeable about music. Whether I want to learn guitar scales or learn to write songs, he is always able to help. He is also very supportive, friendly, and interested in your well-being as a person and as a music student.

By Drew

I’m very grateful to have had Frankie as an instructor. He taught me how to be a better musician in addition to teaching me how to play the guitar. I understand so much more about music, composition, playing in ensembles, among other aspects of making music thanks to him. He was always patient with me and found ways to make me excited about playing everyday-even if my assignments were practicing difficult chords or scales. Truly a fantastic musician and leader.

By J

Frankie Price is an incredible music teacher. I have been learning guitar from him for a couple of years. Anything I want to learn he is able to provide. How to do guitar solos, how to write songs, etc. He can answer any question you have about music. He is always on time and is very friendly.

By Anne

I’ve been taking guitar and songwriting lessons with Frankie for over 5 years now, and I’m so glad I found him! Very patient, easy-going and excellent teacher. Lately we’ve been working on songwriting, and his expertise is top notch. He lets you go at your own pace and cater’s to your style. Thanks Frankie!!!

By Jack

Frankie’s knowledge and his ability to teach in a way that’s easy to learn make him the greatest.

By Dorina

Frankie is the best … Piano and Guitar … he is a fabulous teacher.

By Andrea

You would be hard pressed to find a teacher as dedicated to his craft and teaching than Frankie. As a beginner he understood the challenges and frustrations of a newbie guitar player. He was always patient and quick to point out progress. He starts with the basics and builds on that knowledge so you know both theory and technique. Every week brings a new challenge to improve, expand and grow. All with Frankie’s wonderful guidance.

By Steve

Great friend of mine, played on my studio session, my brother for many years now, and one of the BEST guitar teachers you could ever hope to have. If you’re looking to learn- I can NOT recommend him highly enough. Hit him up!! 🕶👍🎸

By Matt

I have been taking lessons with Frankie weekly for around 2 years. I look forward to my lesson every week. I come away from every lesson excited to work on the material and concepts and I’m certain this has contributed enormously to my progress as a guitar/banjo player. I couldn’t possibly recommend Frankie highly enough as a teacher.

By Richard

Frankie is an extraordinary instructor.He sets out lessons, providing whatever theory is necessary and giving guidance on practice. He listens to my playing – emphasizing breathing, timing and other factors essential to progress on my instrument. He lets me know both my strengths and weaknesses and, though Iʼm highly motivated to learn, there are probably too many of the latter. I really enjoy it when he accompanies me on his guitar.

By Maxwell

Frankie has been very patient with my 9 year old son who is learning the clarinet, My son is enjoying his lessons.

By Chuck

Frankie has been a fantastic piano/guitar teacher. Always flexible and willing to work at a pace I’m comfortable with. His in-depth knowledge of music helps him to explain the theory as well as practice whenever I have questions.

By Lindsey

Frankie is very professional as well as knowledgeable.

By Bill

This was an excellent first lesson. Frankie was patient, engaged, knowledgable, and very helpful. He was able to assess my skill level after talking a bit and had a clear plan to help me begin to learn to play the banjo and understand why I am playing what I’m playing. I’m looking forward to practicing and seeing where this all goes.

By Anetta

Frankie teaches the perfect mix of fun and serious technique! His care to make sure the student not only learns but understands why and what they are learning has me excited to stick with piano for the long haul! I can’t wait to see what future lessons bring! 🙂

By Matthew

Great, knowledgeable teacher. Highly recommend.

By Skye

He quickly assessed my daughter’s level and began immediately teaching her new notes and how to read music.

By Henry

Great instructor. Explains things clearly. A pleasure taking the lessons each week.

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