Mosaic Music Instruction

Hello, Hello and welcome to my website.

This website is a way to introduce myself in addition to being a supplement for any students (potential or current), mine or elsewhere.

Be sure to check out my Lessons of the Week, Lick of the Week, and Podcasts to see what’s new!!!

Podcast #4 – Intervals

I teach and play many instruments including, but not limited to:

Guitar, Woodwinds, Piano, Banjo, Ukulele, and Mandolin

As well as Theory, Songwriting, and Composition


Lesson Curriculum: I tailor the lessons to you and your interests.

I want you to understand the “why” of the guitar rather than the  “put your fingers here” approach.


In my lessons I teach and help you to understand:

Chords, Scales, Music TheoryRhythm, Improvisation, and Songwriting

Along with any other instrument you have an interest in learning!!!

You can receive lessons from me through several different sources.

My first choice is for you to contact me directly.



I understand if parents have concerns, so to help ease your mind, here is my latest background check.


I provide lessons from my in-home studio or online through Skype.

The lessons are open to all ages and levels.

If you would like to talk before you commit to anything, please contact me here, or if you feel like you are ready to get started,

Schedule a Lesson


Adults beginners are highly encouraged to contact me.

It is never too late to start playing an instrument.


Let me know your schedule, and we will figure out a time that works for both of us. All I ask is that you give me at least a 24 hour notice when cancelling.

My Rates are: $30 for 30 Minutes, $45 for 45 Minutes, and $60 for 60 Minutes

Location Summer St. Salem, MA 01970 Phone (617)549-8008 E-mail frankie@mosaicmusicinstruction.com Hours I have spots available everyday. Please call and we will figure out a time that works best for both of us.
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